I haven't posted in a while, mostly because I am very irritated and have nothing nice to say. Our house was supposed to close on Friday. We had ALL our paperwork together, our loan was arranged and accepted, ect. You all know how much scrambling around that was for us. The home owners- where not ready. We thought we'd be nice and told them we can close Monday, giving them the weekend to finish things up.

Well come Monday we find out that their realtor (who has been a real idiot this whole experience) sent them their paperwork to sign for the closing Monday evening!!! Paperwork he has had for at least 2 weeks. And not only did he not send it to them until Monday evening but he sent it snail mail to Germany!!! No fax, no email. He sends it thru the post office!!!! I am sooo beyond mad.

So anyways, Josh is going to call him back today, hopefully using his mean voice to tell him that our contract SAID we'd close Friday, that they are breaking contract, and that we are going to charge them a daily late fee until we have keys in hand. (That's what would happen to US if WE were late.) We dont mind closing late so much but we need to get in there so we can paint before we move in this weekend. At the VERY least we need to get in there before the end of the month when our lease at our current house ends. So we'll accept just getting the keys before the closing.

Grr. I really hope that we dont just have to walk away from this house after ALL this trouble but I am soo tired of being jerked around by an idiot realtor!

In BETTER news, Zeke has only nursed once in 5 1/2 days. I think we are weaned. And it was so soo painless. I never engorged bad enough to worry. Zeke never cried. Ahhh, something easy in my life!

And also in the BETTER news department, Josh and I picked paint colors! They arent perfectly accurate on a screen but you get the basic idea:

Cinnamon Cherry for the kitchen.
Melted Butter for the livingroom.

We are food people, I guess.

Anyways, please pray that our house finally closes or that we at least get some keys. And while you are at it you can add Zeke continuing to wean so well and me to continue to handle my nausea and exhaustion positivly. :)


Jen said...

Good luck Courtney!

Anonymous said...

let me know if you would like help during the week in the mornings/afternoon :)