Finished Unpacking

Well...the main floor is finished at least.

And as promised here is a tour of our house, which is way too long and contains way too many pictures. To be finished when the rest of the house is finished.

We will start with Zeke's room. Because that is where I started. It was the first room finished by far, in fact finished Monday night, right after we moved in.

Its a smallish room so it was a little hard to take pictures but this is directly right of the doorway, Zeke's toys.
Keep turning and you find his crib.Turn some more and the changing table.

Then there is a closet and you're back at the door. I took the pictures at dusk so you cant really tell but the room is a really pale a gray blue.

On to the kitchen, which is the next room I finished, being next in importance. Zeke needed his
room unpacked to stay calm but I needed the kitchen unpacked to stay calm.

So here is the dining area. It shoots off from the livingroom, like an L.
If you continue to the right, past the sliding glass door to the deck you find thisand on the other side that.On to the livingroom.Thats the entryway past the couch, which I guess technically isnt finished since I bought some hooks at Target to go there and Josh hasn't hung them yet. But he's been its ok.
And there is our picture window, who's morning light blinded my camera, sorry. But at least you can see our beautiful lilac bush.
And here is my little desk with my laptop, knitting, library books, radio, ect on it, and the fireplace which will not always be covered in tools. Not if I have anything to say about it...the desk may be my dupign ground but the fireplace is not Josh's. He has an entire basement for that. Im just afraid if I ask Josh to put them away they wont come back out and I sort of need them out right now. There is another wall too, the half wall that opens to the dining area and the turtle's tank is actually agaist it. But the tank, while full of water and turtles, isnt actually finished beign set up and it looks rather a mess. So I'm avoiding a picture at that angle at this time.

We're almost done. But here's Josh and I's bedroom, as you walk in.
The bed.
and across from the bed. Notice my bright red laundry basket, the same laundry basket I've used since I was a child. I'm actually in the middle of a search for a new one, have been for a while, but I cant find one I like.
There is a 4th wall to this room too, with a door and a closet and a huge empty space in between that is completely blank. The reason for this? Well that is where the little blueberry will sleep when he's born (yep, the nickname blueberry has come to me and stuck) until he either moves into Zeke's room with Zeke, moves into Zeke's room while Zeke moves upstairs, or they both move upstairs together to make room for a 3rd know, whatever happens first and makes the most sense at the time.

Last but not least...ok its least. But here is the bathroom.
I know I didnt include outside pictures of the front and back of the house, and that was on purpose. While the front needed no work and looks gorgeous, the back required a lot of weeding that I'm only 90% done with, the removal of some bushes with horrible 1 inch thorns (that was fun, the roots were about the size of my arm) which we're also 90% done with (I say we because of the root size, Josh ended up having to help with that part) not to mention my deck is actually now covered with empty boxes because I wasn't sure where else to put them. So yeah, those pics will come with the upstairs ones.


Jen said...

yeah! Looks great! Let me know if you need any help with anything. I have a feeling I'll have a lot of time on my hands soon.

Jennspiration said...

Beautiful house! I think you win the award for quickest packing/painting/moving! Way to go girl!