Technical Difficulties

I'm experiencing technical difficulties today. Basically the cord for my camera is broken, well the cord works fine but the camera is broken so that the cord wont work, if that makes sense. So I have to use the memory card to move pictures. Which would be fine except out of the 3 computers and 1 laptop we own only 1 that has a slot for a Pro Duo memory card. Because they are stupid. No one takes those cards, not Walgreens or Costco or anyone. But its the only card that works for my camera. And now the card reader on the 1 computer that used to be able to read that stupid card is broken!

I HATE my camera. Now not only does it take really blurry and over-flashed pictures but I cant even get my blurry flashed-out pictures off the darned thing! Lol, anyone have a spare Canon Rebel lying around? Or a spare few hundred dollars to buy me one? I wish right?

Anyways. I refuse to let it get me down. And Josh says if he cant figure out how to get my pictures on the computer tonight then he will buy me a converter for my card sometime this weekend. So it is a temporary irritation. I will just post words now and pictures either tonight or this weekend.

So Ezekiel has been an eating monster lately. For breakfast I always give him either rice cereal or oatmeal with a Zeke-approved fruit (apricot, banana, pear, or peach) either mixed in or on the side and rolled in cheerios to make them easier to pick up. It depends on what kind of mess I am wanting at the moment. And for dinner I've been giving him whatever we are eating chopped up into tiny bits in the food processor. He's eaten every dinner we've given him so and carrots, spaghetti, chicken casserole, steak and potato... And if we are eating something that he cant have (like pizza) then I give him a Zeke-approved vegetable (we are down to squash and sweet potato...Z no longer eats anything green).

And MAN has he been eating. A good 1/2 cup at dinner and probably more in the morning. Today he ate an entire pancake and 2 peach slices! I'm not sure if that is a lot for a 7 month old but it is probably 3 or 4 times what he was eating a few weeks ago so its a lot to me. And therefor I have implemented lunch this week. I never bothered before because he only ever ate a few bites at a time and I didn't figure it was worth it. But now that he's eating so much I can get 4 or so ounces in him even mid-day so I probably "should".

Its kind of a pain as Zeke I are often not home at lunch time (hence putting it off for so long, my breasts are always with me after all and always the right temperature). And since he still doesn't have teeth he really only eats soft foods, which aren't that transportable. It will be a lot easier in a few more months when he can eat pretty much anything. It would also be a lot easier if I swallowed my pride and allowed him to eat either A. jarred baby food or B. Gerber puffs. But since he is my first I still consider Gerber puffs a treat and a way to make him quiet at restaurants or while I do chores, not a meal. And I am so so sooo close to getting him where he eats "real" food that starting him on jars now seems silly. Also I'm not sure he would even eat it. He refused my onion and garlic free spaghetti and opted for mine the other day. Those jars are rather tasteless.

So lunch is a mystery right now. Since he gets a serving of grains and fruit every morning and then a vegetable and either another grain or a meat at night I should probably add more fruits and veggies though. Maybe I can get him to eat green beans again...or peas... Ha, don't count on it.

Any thoughts on my over-mothering?

On a side-note, this eating a lot of solids thing has really cut down on Ezekiel's nursing too. It's bittersweet. Its nice not nursing him constantly, ie in parking lots, in the mall, at restaurants, every 2 or so hours it seemed like sometimes (and really was sometimes). Now if I nurse and feed him before we leave he usually lasts until we get back. But I also miss it in a weird way. I know he's not going to wean but it feels like he needs me that much less...

Its also playing hell on my hormones if you dont mind the phrase.

but I better do a...And I think this week it will be Mac and Cheese!

Now Macaroni and Cheese is an emotionally charged meal. There are a lot of ways to make it and everyone likes THEIR way best, and will fight for their way to the death. For my part I love ALL mac and cheese. I love boxed, Kraft it is often seen in my home on weekends when Josh and I split it for lunch. I especially love Annie's. Yum yum. I also love the kind you make with velveeta. It is a guilty over-processed pleasure.

This is a recipe made with real cheese however. It is delicious and least as healthy as mac and cheese gets right?

And sooooo simple.

First you boil your macaroni noodles.

Then while those are boiling you put some milk, some butter, and some cheese (Ok a LOT of cheese) in a sauce pan. Use your favorite cheese, or a mix. I usually do 1/2 cheddar and 1/2 mozzerella. Stir, stir, stir, until the cheese is all melted.

Now pour your noodles and then your cheese sauce in a casserole dish. Sprinkle it with parmesan if you like and throw it in the oven for 25 minutes.


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