Ah...how I miss blogging

I know I've been MIA in the blogosphere as of late. Between the holidays and traveling and then all the snow and all the subsequent shoveling and the husband working as often as not from home (meaning I cannot get into the office where we keep the computers), I just haven't had the ability to get online. But hopefully that has changed, and the two weeks I took off from What's for Dinner Wednesday will be just that, two weeks. Because I have been making dinners, and even taking pictures, just not posting.

There have also been "things happening" in this life of mine. Like Josh putting his foot down. Lol. I got Zeke back on schedule from our vacation relatively fast. It took slightly less than a week to get him going to bed at 9, and while it used to be 8 I might like 9 better so I'm keeping it if I can. But Zeke has learned an exciting new bad nighttime habit in the meantime. When he wakes up at night instead of going right back down with a lullaby or a nursing session, he stays up to play. This is aparently the last straw for daddy. Zeke has been getting more and more stubborn, playing with things he knows he shouldnt be, throwing tantrums when we move him, ect. Josh has been patient. But now, suddenly, with this night playing he is "putting his foot down". Zeke WILL learn who is boss.

From now on out when Zeke gets up and refuses to be put down I am not to get involved. It is a battle (perhaps to the death) between the two men in my life. Each insisting on having his way. Zeke says that we will play with him when he demands. Josh says that Zeke will sleep when he demands. I can't wait to see who is more stubborn in the end. Trust me, updates will follow. I'm only sad that Zeke has slept excellently the last 2 nights since this new resolution of Josh's. I really really want to see him put his foot down to our 6 month old. Really, I'm being supportive.

And now for the verse of the week. "For this commandment which I command you today is not too difficult for you, nor is it out of reach." Hm, what joyful assurance. Because it sure seems like it, doesn't it? It's difficult unto impossible sometimes it seems; to obstain from gossip, to respect and obey my husband, to love everyone including my enemies, to spend my time reading the Bible when I would much rather veg in front of the latest episode of House or surf the internet. And that's the easiest part.

When you believe, like I do, that it isn't even what you DO that God cares about but WHO YOU ARE. Well that makes it 10,000 times worse doesn't it? Because often I dont gossip, often I attend church when I'm tired or read the bible when I'd rather be reading the latest Parent's magazine, often I volunteer and donate to charity and love my neighbors. But how often do I do these things because I "have to" or even worse because I want people to know that I do? How often do I not say a snide thing but I still think it. How often do I attend church but not listen? Oh the darkness of my soul. I can DO everything right but still not know God. We are all sometimes Pharisees, arent we?

But no matter how it seems, it is not too dificult, what He expects from us. It is never out of reach. We need only go as far as we can by ourselves, and then He will take us the rest of the way.

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