I know I'm a big ol negative Nancy lately. Its 1/2 Zeke's cold, 1/2 this awful weather (I always get depressed in the winter), 1/2 all the drama I've been dealing with, and 1/2 hormonal (as Zeke shifts to more and more solids and less and less nursing I thing my balance is being thrown off). I DO want to say that I really really really appreciate everyone's support, it makes a big difference in my life. And I know I need some non-mom-time right now and as soon as Zeke (and Josh now) feel better I am totally going to get some.

But even before that can happen I think I am going to focus on all the parts of my life (and motherhood) that I LOVE. And along those lines I will write a really really positive and uplifting post tomorrow morning to start off the week. And I'm also going to get rid of some parts of my life that I dont love, dont need, and arent useful. I'm not going to get into it on this blog for the sake of refraining from unnessisary gossip but after talking and praying about it with Josh I am going to quit the Mommy and Me Meetup group. I have LOVED that group and the people I have met from it but Josh and I decided that the bible says if your ear causes you to sin then cut off your ear, and I think that really makes things clear. M+M is no longer an uplifting part of my life so I am cutting it off.

Anyways, last negative comment for at least 1 week. Because my goal for this coming week is to keep it POSITIVE.


Kait T said...

I so love you. I'm so so so glad we're friends. M&M was great in the fact that I have three very close friends (You, Jenn and Kim) who will be my friends foreva! ;D I'm looking forward to our friendship growing more!

The Butterfields said...

Yay for no more drama!! I seriously thought I was going to be more upset, but I'm just relieved and much much happier!!!