I forgot to blog about my trip to the dentist, I know, way exciting, huh? But it was pretty much the event of my day. That and planning but I cant really tell anyone about that yet, can I? Just know that I have a crack force of computer programmers working on something amazing for me, and for all of you that happen to live in Spokane.

So, anyways, I went to the dentist today. Zeke stayed at Kait's house, if you were wondering what I did with him during this adventure. I was really really worried about it, honestly. Because its been, oh, over 10 years since I've seen a dentist. I thought my mouth would be cavity central. Not to mention the on and off pain in my back tooth/jawline that has been bothering me the past few years, lol, yeah...years. The assistant looked at me like I was crazy. "So how long has this tooth been bothering you?" "On and off probably...3 years now?" "3 YEARS?" she repeats. I decided not to mention the shards of bone or tooth that have been breaking off since last Christmas.

Well, the results of my x-ray? I have NO cavities. What is that stuff Wolverine's bones are made of? That is what my teeth are made of, I swear. Even that back tooth that has been hurting all this time doesn't have a cavity. But the bone all around the tooth? Well lets just say that my BONES arent made of what Wolverines bones (and my teeth) are made of. My jaw bone is all infected and eaten away back there. In the x-ray you can see a big hole.

So they think if they remove the tooth (which is a wisdom tooth) and clean it all out then they can clear up the infection without removing any of my jawbone. So that is good. But they were trying to get me to do it TODAY. A 2 hour procedure that I will need a ride home from. Although I dont know why. I go to a holistic dentist and they wont be gassing me...I asked. Its enough to make a girl turn in her hippie ID for good, let me tell you.

So I'm sitting there trying to explain to them that I have a 7 month old at a babysitters, that my husband is at work and cant pick me up...they are trying to explain that my jaw is rotting away and cant wait a week. Something about the infection blowing up. I just repeat: baby, husband with job, cant do today. Honestly I figure its been hurting 3 years. It was LAST christmas that I noticed I was losing shards of bone or tooth, I wasnt sure which and didnt want to know since I didnt have any insurance at the time. It can wait 8 more days.

So next Wednesday I go in for "dental surgery"....gas free dental surgery... They will send me home with milk thistle for pain. Yes, milk thistle. I am serious. And Kyolic Garlic capsules as an antibiotic. Makes you appreciate the American Way just thinking about it. "Gas me," I feel like yelling, "and hook me up with some codein while you are at it. I change my mind! I will never carry my hemp purse or do yoga again! I will circumsize my son right away! I will make my husband shave!"

Lol, the internal struggles of naturalist.


Rachel Ann said...

Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day last week. I appreciated all the bloggy love! Sorry I'm so long in returning the favor!!!

I see you live in Spokane...I live in Moses Lake!! We're practically neighbors!

Kim said...

Wow, not such a fun dentist appt!! If you do decide that you want the gas and pills I have an awesome dentist that I can refer you to. :) And I know what you're working on (I think) and I'm SUPER excited!!!

Jennspiration said...

Yikes! That does not sound fun at all! I think some milk shakes are in order for you next week!

Domrese Family Blog said...

You are so brave! A dentist with no gas? I admit I'd never done the gas until I left home and got a new dentist of my own, and to be honest I'm not a big fan of it. But for anything more than cavities, it takes concious sedation for me...really it's the best. I think you're amazing to do it with nothing.