Whats for Dinner Wednesday!

And now I bring you....

Stir Fry!!!

Yum Yum, I LOVE this meal. Josh and I sometimes make it once and then eat it twice. Because sometimes we don't know how to make it for two people, lol, we tend to have way too much. But we eat it one time Thi style with wide rice noodles and once with white rice, so its still different.

So very first if you want to use wide rice noodles (and I really suggest you try it because its freaking delicious) you need to soak them for about a half hour in warm tap water. You can buy them in the Asian food section at the grocery store, I get a box of A Taste of Thi brand. If you want it over rice then make some white rice.

While that is happening you need to cook some chicken (or beef, or shrimp, or crab, or whatever) in some sauce.

We used a combination of Sweet and Sour and Stir Fry Sauce this time (as well as Josh's secret ingredient but I'm not allowed to name it on pain of death of my website, sorry. I really believe him when he says he will shut it down if I tell!) We have been known to use pretty much anything as sauce, however, if its available in the house, Soy Sauce, Curry, Sesame oil with fresh garlic... Experiment with what you know you like. If you want to add some spice throw in some crushed red pepper (like you put on pizza), but not too much, a little goes a long way!

While your chicken is cooking chop your favorite veggies. We used green bell pepper, mushroom, baby corn, carrot, and water chestnuts. You could also use red bell pepper, broccoli, snow peas, ginger, green beans, bamboo shoots, or onion, I've done all that (except ginger, I'm allergic). I'm sure there are other veggies you could add as well that I'm not thinking of.

When your chicken is cooked add those veggies and stir it all around until they are cooked. I suppose I should note now that water chestnuts shouldn't be added until everything else is done, or else they get mooshy. If you are making it with noodles add the noodles to your pan as well. If you are making it with rice then just pour your veggies over it.


Ok better go do some cleaning. I spent ALL day with Kait and Kim, lol, it was too good to get out of the house. Thanks girls.

We decided we are going to Seattle together too so I'm super excited, hopefully in April for some outlet store shopping. But if I cant go that time then Kim and I will take our sons to the zoo in July... Hmm...maybe I should ask Josh first before I announce it to the world, yes? But I know he will say yes because my husband is all too lenient when it doesn't have to do with secret ingredients (or kittens, he is a stickler when it comes to kittens) Plus I'm taking the baby on either trip, so, I don't see why not.

PS Im so mad. I bought a hutch off Craigslist and I was paying extra to have it dropped off which was was supposed to happen today and they sold it to someone else!!! Grr!

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