Dr Appointment

Today Zeke and I finally made it to his 6 month well-child appointment, at 7 months and 2 days but at least we made it right? It was our 3rd try and I was beginning to lose hope, seriously I was waiting all morning for another storm to hit. But the day was beautiful and off we went to see the Dr Morgan.

Ezekiel is 20 pounds and 30 inches. 75th and 100th percentiles respectively. All this crawling has really slimmed Z down! Josh and I were both expecting him to weigh a lot more. But it makes sense. While I have had to recently move him into 12 month pants (yet another growth spurt after Christmas, can you believe it?) they can get pulled off his skinny little hips pretty easily.

We got his 3rd DTaP and his 3rd Hib shots so we are done with those, yipee! (A 4th DTaP is sometimes administered at 18 months but we are not receiving that one) In fact, we are done with immunizations until he is 5 years old! I am so excited. At 5 he just needs his T booster and then he's done until 12 when he might be getting his Hep B and maybe even a Hep A, MMR, and Chicken Pox, I haven't decided yet.

I just LOVE partial immunization.

Seriously I do. And I recommend it as often and as loudly as possible to anyone that will listen. I am annoying that way. There are just so very many many options that I don't understand why people don't at least even consider them. I mean, you can do NO immunizations, of course. And most people know that but no one seems to think about doing just SOME of the immunizations. Or going ahead and doing ALL of them but spread out differently.

And I really really really recommend thinking about it. Because some of these shots are plain unnecessary. And sometimes they really overload those little systems with chemicals. I mean, you don't even want to KNOW what they are injecting into your kid. Mercury (yes some still have mercury, though many do not anymore), Aluminum, Formaldehyde, MSG, monkey kidney, aborted baby lung, guinea pig embryo, cows blood, and that's just naming a few. Ick. I don't use any vaccines with human or animal tissue, which means I have to be picky about brands. But if you are going to fully immunize you cant really get away from it. And even I have to put up with some chemicals. And this is where an alternate vaccine schedule comes in really handy. Because you can cut down on how much you give at a time really easily.

For example, Heb B is very very dangerous, and common. I can really see why you'd want your kid immunized against it. I might. But its blood transmitted, so it can really wait until at least 10 or 12. I dont see many kids shooting up or having unprotected sex before then. Same idea with Chicken Pox. Serious as an adult. Not so much as a baby. So why not wait?

Or say you dont even want to wait. You want your child to get immunized more or less on time. Well you can still protect them from chemical overload by going in to the office every month instead of every other. Most doctors will not only allow this but they wont even charge you for the extra visit. You just whip in, see the nurse, and whip right out.

My husband is home and hungry so I better get off. But If you have questions about this please please e-mail me. Lol, I LOVE talking about immunizing! I even have an example of a full vaccine schedule spaced 2 shots at a time. And a great partial schedule too.

PS While I will talk up partial immunization until the freaking sun goes down I know its not for everyone. And it has its risks. And if your child goes to daycare or if you are not breastfeeding until at least 1 year and hopefully more like 2 years you are taking even more risks. Breast milk gives a child all his/her mothers immunities and its the only reason I don't give Z the rotovirus vaccine for example. Partial immunization is also illegal in 2 states, Mississippi I think and Arkansas? I'm not sure on that. Anyways, what I'm saying is dont listen to me blindly any more than anyone else.


Holly said...

Well you were right on with Zeke losing. Lily and Zeke are very similar with their sizes. But, I guess that is to be expected when they were about an ounce different at birth.

Domrese Family Blog said...

I would love to see your spread out immunization schedule. The boys are fully immunized and it's worked fine for them, but it was only after talking in great lengths to the pediatrician about it. Will you e-mail me your spread out version?

Michelle said...

Exactly....research it for yourself.

Read the pros and cons of EACH vaccine and realize if YOU NEED it for your child and if the risks are lower than the benefits.

To me they just arent.

If there are outbreaks, or we are visiting a foreign country, or my childrne are at risk for something, we will revisit.

Rebecca said...

What a great post on this topic - rational, calm, based on your beliefs. I'm not a mom so I don't really have an opinion, but I think vaccinations would be on of the scariest decisions to make.

Michelle said...

Great post!