Mommy buffet

Man oh man is Zeke being naughty lately. Can the terrible two's hit at 7 months perhaps? He is just becoming so defiant all of a sudden! Not to Josh, oh no, of course not, as soon as daddy says "no" Ezekiel is almost tripping over himself to obey. But mommy? When mommy says no it falls on deaf ears. Sometimes he will look at me before continuing on his merry way, sometimes even smile and go faster, usually he just ignores me. And I'm the only one that spanks him!

Lets just say this week has been very tiring. A long string of "no, thats not yours" and "no, don't do that"'s. And as devoted to extended breastfeeding as I am I can see why people wean their babies before toddlerhood now. Because it has been a big part of our troubles lately. One example: Zeke's desire, no no his INSISTENCE, on breastfeeding standing up. You see, he cant be bothered to stop and lay down while he's busy playing. So he climbs up me, pulls my shirt down, drinks while standing up for a few seconds, and then off he goes.

This seems really rude to me. I'm not a buffet here, buddy! So we are working on "table"manners, lol. And now that he's mastered the tippy cup we are incorporating that more. But Zeke knows where the good stuff is....oh well. Only another year or so until weaning time right?

Oh and I haven't posted any pics of Z lately you say? Yes, I know. Because they all look like this:

My crawling son LOVES the eat it that is!

I will keep trying, I promise.

And now for...

Chicken Cacciatore Stew!

First start some chicken cooking, while it cooks chop and add some potato and onion.

And while that cooks, chop up and add some red bell pepper and garlic. Wait another minute or maybe 2. Mine had no bell pepper because when the grocery list said red bell pepper Josh bought green. Who knows? I dont complain when he goes grocery shopping without me, especially when he takes the baby with!

Now add: a can of crushed tomato, maybe a splash of red wine if you have it around the house (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t), some mushrooms, and enough chicken broth to make it a stew-y consistency.

Let this boil and then turn it to low to simmer 10 minutes. At this point you can add spinach (I didnt have any in the house) or top it with cheese. Parmesan: good. Romano: way better.

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