Whats for Dinner Wednesday

Its Wednesday again. And let me tell you, I am exhausted. Even though it isn't even 11 yet I have already crossed out where it says "Mop Everything" on my list for today and replaced it with "Take a nap with Zeke". There it is right above "Refill Zeke's meds" and "Go grocery shopping". And if I wasn't out of Zeke's kidney medication I would cross those out too and replace them with "Take another nap with Zeke." Lol. I hate being tired. I stayed up too late working on my super secret suprise project with Josh. And I have a feeling it will be the same for the next couple nights. But then hopefully we will be finished and my associate and I will reveal it. You will all be amazed. And no the super secret project is not another baby. What a wierdo you are. I do NOT need a programming team for THAT one.


If it wasn't for the sock left behind, I would have never known who the culprit was... And in my defense, it was Josh that left the bathroom door open this time.
Look how big he is getting! I realized the other day that in 3 inches Ezekiel will be OVER half my height. That is scary to me. I mean, I always realized my son would be taller than me someday. But now that someday seems real.... Josh insists that Zeke wont beat his measly 6 feet. And that even if he does it will only be by an inch or maybe two. I say this kid is going to beat him by age 13 and go on to be at least 6'4".
He is ALWAYS pulling himself up nowadays. On everything. And much to my chagrin now he is always letting go. His balance is ridiculous, he falls down right away. But yet he keeps trying. I am NOT ready for a walker. I'm not even ready for a crawler and he's been doing that for months. Here's hoping he has an inner ear problem and will never learn to balance, lol.

Its almost nap time so I am going to go ahead and present this weeks...

Pork Tenderloin and Roasted Apples! Because hey, pork tenderloin was on sale. And I always buy it when its on sale. I always even look to see if its by chance on sale. Because I freaking love pork tenderloin. Which is strange. Because I'm not a fan of any other type of pig. Bacon, sausage, ham....ick. I will eat it but I'm not going to choose it. My poor husband.

So first you preheat your oven to 450 and rub down your pork with some butter (or olive oil), sage, salt and pepper. Or marinate the day before, that's what I did this time but its not necessary. Josh is just currently obsessed with marinating. THEN you melt some more butter (or olive oil) in a roasting pan (or a dutch oven like this, or a casserole dish, or pretty much anything that can then be put in an oven) add chopped up potato, onion, and some more salt and sage.

Push all that to the sides and stick your pork right in the center. Yum. I LOVE pork tenderloin. Stick this in the oven for about half an hour. It really depends on what size pork you used. Check the package for directions and bake it for that minus 20 minutes.

While its in the oven core and chop up some apples. Jonagold or Gala are my favorites for roasting. Then when your time is up toss them on top. Another 20 minutes and you are done!

Zeke LOVED this meal when I chopped it up in the food processor, which I didnt expect as he isnt a fan of apples. Maybe baking them tastes better then making them into sauce? Or maybe the added pork was the secret? Who knows, but he ate it all up.


Kait T said...

I'm going to go ahead and say you're the only person I know who would say they hope their children have ear issues... though I wouldn't mind if Joe somehow got into an accident where he hurt his vocal cords... sad, but true. Good thing we're friends.

LovingLegacy said...

mmmmmm! thanks for posting - glad to find you!

Tami said...

love the name of your blog. Saw you on Angela's. I will come back to get that recipe!