Christmas Pics

Putting away Christmas decorations is always a bit depressing. The house seems so drab...

Also depressing? My baby might be getting sick. I cant tell yet. He's sleeping a LOT. He's either getting sick or growing. Ugh on either.

And another depressing thing? Being snowed in.

I am in a bad mood. But this might cheer me up, LOTS of pictures!

Lets start with how spoiled Z is....

He also got lots of books, some Christmas classics on DVD that he will love next year, lots of clothes, a little popper dump truck, a stuffed giraffe and a stuffed zebra, some squishy blocks, some bath-time letters, and little santa in his stocking. Plus a gift card to babies-r-us that I have a feeling will turn into a stacking ring and a few balls.

But even better than gifts was...
Wearing out Great Grand-Nonnie's arms!

Showing off all his skillz at Grandma Mel's house!

Playing video games just like his big-boy uncles!

Laughing at his crazy cousin Tyler!

Eating his very first Christmas Eve dinner at Kyoto's. Mommy's been doing it since she was almost his age! And even though he only got fried rice this time he will be asking for his steak rare just like the rest of the family soon!

Finally getting a liking for Grandpa Keith!

Meeting daddies "first girlfriend"! He was 3.

Listening to Great Grandpa Bruce play some Cash!

Sitting in a high chair that daddy once used!


Jennspiration said...

Those are great pictures, I love the one of him playing video games with the boys!

Marina said...

Stopping over from SITS....I absolutely adore the pic of him plpaying video games!!!! Tres Cute!!!! (come enter the Back to School Giveaways)