We are back...

...and as soon as I find my camera in all the bags I need to unpack I will jump on and put up some pictures of Christmas. Zeke even *helped* unwrap a few presents.

The drive back was cake. It had rained and cleared the roads for us. Charlie, my new GPS, almost got us lost. Lol. I know the way from McCall to Spokane like cake, yet as soon as I get a GPS I almost miss a turn. Good thing Josh pays attention. And Zeke, as usual, was very happy to be home. He was trying out his new skill to get into all sorts of things that were out of reach before.

Oh yeah, you don't know! On Christmas Eve Zeke pulled himself up to standing for the first time! 6 1/2 months. My son is such a genius ;). It makes me wonder what new thing he will do next Christmas Eve. It was that day last year that I first felt him kick. And much like the kicking of last year, this new standing thing is now a regular part of our day. He does it all the time, and it makes him so proud. He just laughed and laughed when he got up on Grandma Melanie's couch.

What else? I dont know. Better start tackling all my laundry and bags though...and take down all my decorations :(

PS Will it ever stop snowing do you think? I'd like to leave the house someday!


Kait T said...

You'd like to leave the house someday??? You just got home! I"D LIKE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE SOME DAY! It's been snowing for 12 days STRAIGHT!
I'm So glad you're home. Teehee, I have so much to tell you! :)

Domrese Family Blog said...

I'm glad you guys made it home safely. And just in time for some more lovely snow!

Michelle said...

I know you hate all the snow, but I love it. So if you could please share, I would appreciate it. We never get enough here.