Oh the weather outside if frightful...

But see, the problem is I do have a place to go. So yeah...maybe don't let it snow anymore? My husband tells me we are still leaving tomorrow morning, just not in our pre-planned rout, and perhaps 3 or 4 hours early. His plan is to leave right in the eye of the storm. (The eye of the storm is the calm part right in the middle correct? I think that is true. Although my only reference is Jacob Have I Loved...a great book but one I read over 10 years ago.) Anyways, the rumor is that THIS storm is over (its moved East), and the NEW storm wont start until Sunday and will last for another week. The fact that we are also moving East I have chosen not to point out. Nor the point that we also have to come BACK at some point. I am being the obedient wife. And praying.

But can you BELIEVE this snow? For those of you not in Spokane, just choose not to believe it, lol. It put down 25 inches yesterday, I know, because I measured. And it was in a good spot too. Not under any trees where extra snow can fall off, or near any shoveling. I know how to measure snow.
Just look at our deck!! After a while we were starting to get concerned about its structural integrity. I mean, honestly, I worry about that deck's structural integrity when its windy. But we had been so focused on the driveway all day that I didn't get to it until after dark. It was even higher than in this picture! After all that shoveling I had to treat myself!Lol, Zeke wanted some cocoa too. I have him a zwieback toast instead, and he thought that was just as good.
But then this morning he kept getting into the shovel over and over again. He wanted to shovel some snow too! Maybe he thought I'd give him some hot-cocoa this time?
Anyways, its certainly crazy out there. I've been stuck at home, as our street has not seen a plow yet. In the last 3 days I've missed a Le Leche League meeting, a Mindful Mothering meeting, a MOPS meeting, AND a 6 month appointment. Oh and also Josh's Christmas party tonight was cancelled. What can I say? I'm a busy woman. And staying at home, let me tell you, is driving me nuts!!

I thought it would be a little better because Josh also cant leave (a.k.a. cant go to work). But alas he CAN work from home. And he's doing just that. Seriously? Sometimes I HATE my husbands work ethic. It's ridiculous. I bet everybody else is slacking off. But he wont even take extra breaks. He's all like..."well usually around 3 I take a 10 or 15 minute break to play fooz so I will be up then and say hi." So I'm not even really seeing him extra! I'm all alone all day, by myself, stranded, and he is even home! Hasn't he heard of a snow day? Lol.

I'm going nutters.


Kait T said...

My husband is also not taking a break, but he's supposed to work from home. I was hoping he would lie and tell them the weather knocked out the power. However, we did get yesterday off. I'm praying for your travels! :S

Jennspiration said...

Can't wait to see you guys! Drive careful!

Domrese Family Blog said...

Good luck driving! Hopefully you're plowed out now! We are plowed, but by a neighbor instead of the city. Stock up for the next storm while you're out!