It must be Christmas time at last

Attention everyone.

The nutcracker army has been assembled, cookies and peppermint fudge are on their way, and my Bright Eyes Christmas CD is playing. It is time. The Christmas season has begun.

Also, this weekend we are getting our tree!!! So I better wrap some of those presents hiding in my closet to put under it, lol, I'm so excited. We still haven't decided if it can go on the ground, or where it will go if its not on the ground since we are a strictly anti-coffee-table family... I don't want a tree knocked over by a curious baby... Oh well, even if it is the nutcracker army is safe atop the fireplace. Zeke cannot reach them there. Not this year at least.

A side note: I cant wait until I have enough nutcrackers to be a true crazy nutcracker lady. Josh says I already am but he is just being polite, I think.


That was FedEx with Josh's present!! What perfect timing, yes? I would tell you what it is but he is known to look at this every once in a while. Rest assured that it is awesome.

I better go hide it!

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Kait Toompas said...

I was wondering where you had gone to, if you had fallen of the face of the earth... and then I realised when I switched my profile over to instead of through blogger it didn't carry over the people I was following. I haven't been ignoring you on purpose anyway.
I'm glad you had a good thanks giving! :)