So many new things

This is going to be a loooong post. Because I have SO MUCH to say. First we need to discuss today. Then all the new things Ezekiel has been doing, and there are A LOT. Then I wanted to talk about my newest hobby. And my new carseat. So brace yourself people. Also, there are a few pictures, although Monday I will update EVEN MORE. Because tomorrow Zeke is going go wear his SUPER CUTE Christmas outfit from Josh and Jen to church, and we will take pics when we get home, in front of a decorated tree of course! Another warning before we begin, there will be A LOT OF THIS because I am all caffeinated up! Apparently the 2 or 3 cups of Joe I had in Boise over the holiday weekend got me re-addicted...

Soooooo. Today Zeke really showed his Christmas spirit! He was happy and content in not only 1, not only 2, not even only in 3, but 4 WHOLE STORES of Christmas shopping in a ROW! Seriously. Then we even went to lunch at Tomato Street. And he was STILL HAPPY. He sat in the high chair the whole time playing with a soup spoon! Daddy tried to give him a crayon to play with. I almost stopped him, what a silly daddy trying to teach his 5 month old to color right? But I decided not to. I don't want to be "that" mom, if you know what I mean. Daddy also let him drink some water out of a straw, and I thought that was silly too, but then guess what? He drank out of it! So I guess mommies dont always know best do they? Psss, dont let Josh know! But I am getting ahead of myself, into the "new things" section and I'm not done talking about today! After lunch it was almost 3 o clock. Way past nap time. So we went home for a while so Zeke could rest. He went right to sleep, woke up 2 hours later, and then off we went again to buy a Christmas tree. And he was STILL HAPPY. And let me tell you, it was COLD. That coat Grandma Kim bought him sure came in handy! OF course by the time we got home, had dinner, had our bath, bla bla bla, it was too late to decorate it. So we will do so after church tomorrow.
Now, on to NEW THINGS. Zeke finally has started what I will admit is crawling. At least he took 3 consecutive "steps" in a row. Which was the definition of crawling that Josh and I decided on for our bet. In fact, the other day when I put him on our bedroom floor to play while I showered, he followed me into the bathroom and almost got stepped on when I got out! Then yesterday he followed Josh and I into the kitchen to see what we where doing in there! Its a whole new world, let me tell you. And very exciting.

Another new thing is Zeke is finally sitting up sometimes of his own will. This is something he has refused to do until now. He is still really unsteady but at least he is willing to work on it now right? He especially likes to sit up in the bath, he gets some really good splashes in let me tell you! Here is a picture of him with his favorite bath toy, its a ducky. We could NEVER get him to do this before. Like I said, still very wobbly, and especially in the bath. Who ever heard of a baby that crawled before he sat? But I am hopeful that he will be sitting soon. And we're going to buy one of those sticky bath mats I think...

My last new thing was drinking out of a straw. We discovered this today and were fairly amazed. We started just dropping the water into his mouth with the straw. But then he got mad whenever we werent doing this so we tried letting him suck it up. I really didnt think it woudl work but he must of understood there was good stuff in there because he sucked some right up. Maybe I should try that sippy cup again?

Now, my latest new hobby has been crocheting Amigurumi, because lets admit it, one small boy needs only so many hats. And I haven't been able to post any because they are going to various small cousins as Christmas gifts and I dont want to spoil the surprise cuteness. But in some recent frustration with trying to figure out how to make a lambs head I decided to start a simple project until I figured it out. Hence the creation of Zeke's new pet octopus! Obviously he is Japanese. And yet to be named. Any ideas?

What was last? Oy vey. Oh yes. The car seat. After much unnecessary stress over such a relatively easy decision I decided that I wanted the Radian65. I know that many of you were on the edge of your proverbial seat about this. I like how tall it goes compared to most car seats, the fact that it allows a 5 point harness until 65 pounds, and the fact that it will FIT INTO MY CAR. It is suppose to arrive between the 11th and 17th. So that is exciting. I know Zeke will be pleased to fit into a car seat with his coat in, which currently he cannot.

Anywhos I am out. PS Do you like the linkies? Its going to be my new thing. ;)

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Kait Toompas said...

Right when I saw that octopus I instinctivly thought of a friend I had in my youngin years named Takuya. He was a dork but he only wore that color. lol. In anycase you should name him Taco. Taco actually means octopus so... it would work. :)