Im dreaming of a white Christmas...

...With every Christmas card I write.

So I'm sitting here, writing my Christmas letter, semi-freaking out that I haven't mailed them yet, listening to carols, sometimes singing along, wondering why Amber hasn't relieved my suffering and posted the sex of the twins yet, obsessively checking her in-vitro blog, wishing I hadn't eaten all of my fudge already, pretending to myself that its strange for me to eat that much fudge already, considering making more fudge tomorrow, getting up over and over again to take Zeke out of the bathroom...again... (he likes the heater vent, and doesn't realize there is at least one in every room), realizing I could just shut the bathroom door, doing just that, feeling ashamed that I didn't think of it sooner, thinking about what a noob I am, WHEN IT STARTS TO SNOW.

An aside: Yes, yes I WAS thinking all of that at once. Got a problem?

So yipee snow! Even I was starting to wonder where it all was this year. At least until I remembered last year. And then I didn't care again. But hey, now my Christmas pictures are going to be super cute. Like, at least 124% more cute then they would have been had it NOT snowed today. Because no, no I haven't taken our Christmas picture yet. Got a problem?

Also, just so you know, Zeke's new car seat came!!! So now I get to practice not nagging my husband until he installs it. Lol. Pray for me, I need it!

Also again, If you don't read my blog as obsessively as I write it, you'd better scroll down. Because yes, yes I have posted 3 days in a row. If you DO read as obsessively as I might need to get a life. We all already know I don't have one. I decided to have a baby instead.
an update: 2 girls!!! Congratulations Amber!

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Domrese Family Blog said...

Thanks Courtney! The doctor's office took an insanely long time. I got there at 11:45 and got home at 2:45...ugh! WE didn't even know the sexes of the babies until the very end of the was killing me!

And just so you know, we're taking our Christmas card picture tomorrow and sending cards out on Monday...I think you're right on time! :)