Do you think the baby jesus slept through the night?

Josh says he didn't. But I like to imagine that he did. Sleeping through the night is a popular subject around here lately. Because guess who doesn't anymore? Zeke has developed major separation anxiety, or something like it. He wont abide being left alone. If he wakes up and he's alone he screams holy terror. So the last week or so, around midnight or 1 or if we've been really patient 3 am either Josh or I have moved to Zeke's floor and slept there. Its ridiculous. We don't even touch him, but as long as we are in there he falls fast asleep. If we aren't he wakes up over and over, getting more upset each time. This weekend we decided that this situation is NOT working. And since we still both firmly don't believe in letting our son scream in terror for a few hours every night for a week we did the only thing we could think to do, we moved his crib into our room. I feel defeated but also glad that I am the kind of parent that is responding to my child's needs and not necessarily what he is "supposed" to be doing. Zeke does things in his own time. And I know that raising kids is 2 steps forward, 1 step back. This is one step back.

Also on a step back? He doesn't eat anymore. Don't get me wrong, he nurses. He would nurse all day if I let him, just a drink here and a drink there and playing all the while. But solids? Meh, he's over that. So we offer in the morning and at night and shrug it off. I find the longer I am a parent, the more I shrug.

In other news, I'm starting another weekly segment, a verse of the week. See it up there in the top left? This is actually something I've done personally for, say, 2 years now. I'm supposed to be memorizing them. Yeah right. I am awful at memorization. I'll have it for 3 or 4 weeks and then, poof, its gone. But at least I try right? And now I'll share them with you. And for this week I'll get slightly Christmasy, just a little. "Behold the bondslave of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word." Mary says it in Luke 1:38. I've always loved that line. You see, the angel Gabriel just told her that she was preggers, unmarried. She knew no one was going to believe she was a virgin, no one did. She knew she would be ostracized by everyone, she was. This wasn't really good news. But she just accepts. Because its what the Lord had planned. I never accept. I always fight. I want to be more like Mary.

And a picture, because you havent had one is so very long. Isnt Zeke such a big boy now in his new carseat?
And some baby giggles, because we could all use some sometimes.


Jennspiration said...

I betcha he's getting some teeth! No sleeping + No eating = Teething baby. Have fun with that! Get some baby ambesol or teething tablets and see what happens.

Domrese Family Blog said...

My boys went through this as well. It seems to phase in and out with development/physical changes. I use to nurse and then take off the shirt I was wearing and let them snuggle with that. I'd also sleep with one of their blankets for a while and then give them my fresh scent. :) This made them sleep a little easier knowing they could at least sense me nearby. Good luck! Love the verse of the week! Maybe it'll help my memorization!