We made it

So we made it to McCall and even then to Boise. Praise the Lord right? It actually wasn't as hard as we thought and worried that it would be. The roads were mostly a broken snow floor, every once in a while some packed snow. We did swerve off the road once, but you could tell that it was almost Christmas. By the time Josh got out of the car to start pushing we had about 5 cars behind us that stopped to help. I love Christmas. The hardest part, really, was getting out of our driveway. As of Saturday our road had not been plowed. Hopefully it is by NEXT weekend, when we come back, but I'm not making any bets.

We our having a lovely time visiting our families, though, and I wanted to take a short break to update my verse of the week, seeing as how Sunday is almost over. Its a favorite of mine. Isaiah 30:15. "For thus the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, has said, 'In repentance and rest you will be saved, In quietness and trust is your strength.'"

Just think of it. I feel my soul relaxing in joy even as I type it. Because it is so true and so easy. In repentance and rest we WILL be saved. In quietness and in trust is our strength. This is a lesson that I am so grateful to have learned, even if it took a very difficult time for me to learn it. I used to struggle constantly. I struggled to be a "Good Christian", to do everything right. I struggled against the way things would turn out, or the way things were in my life. Even things I had no control over, I would be constantly struggling against. I was filled with frusterations. I dont know how many times in my early christian years I found myself literally yelling at the top of my lungs to God and at God. "Why?" I would yell in my tears. Why this and why that and why cant it be this? And I was always trying to change it. To change everything.

It took my miscarriage, a situation I could in no way control and could in no way handle, to teach me to rest. "Cease striving, and know that I am God." is another verse I love and that I would meditate on during those difficult months, when I was praying for my baby to be saved, when it was enevitable that I was losing the pregnancy and I was just waiting for it to happen, and in the months afterwards when Josh and I were both healing from the loss. In quietness and in trust is where I found my strength. Even though my prayers were not answered in that situation, it was in repentance, in turning to God, and in resting in His arms, that I was saved. It's how my soul was saved when I was 16 and I turned to Him and its, I literally believe, how my life was saved when I fould myself in the darkest of places after I lost my first baby.

Wow, what a can of worms to open right? I never really meant to, but there it is.


Kait T said...

I am so glad you made it there alive. My brother is here and we've made the snowy trek from our house to their several times... a few times very very tensly. Have a wonderful Christmas and I'll see you when you get home! :)

Domrese Family Blog said...

Your road has been plowed! They came through about 8:00 last night! HOORAY! The bad news is that it's snowy like crazy right now and needs to be plowed again already. Sorry!