Lessons from a 1 year old

One of my favorite things about mothering a toddler is that he always fully engaged in the moment. I may spend my life bouncing from the future and the past like some quarter machine bouncy ball but my son, the little Zen master, really knows how to live. I will be so busy in hand and in mind; ironing, stirring pots, fretting over lists and (i will admit) lists of my lists and Zeke will walk over to me and lift his arms, "Hold me," he seems to say "I am little now...and we are together now. It won't always be so." And he is so very right. There will always be clothing to iron, pots that need stirring, lists to cross off. But this...this wont always be so. On the best of days I find myself sitting on the kitchen floor, tomato sauce boiling over and ignored, while we sing and kiss and giggle. On my best days I let Ezekiel teach me HIS way of living, instead of struggling to teach him mine.

I truly hope he wins.

Also, just so you know, he's really been working on his big brother skills.


Tooj said...

Okay, I love this line:

"teach me HIS way of living, instead of struggling to teach him mine."

I love blogging because it reminds me to do things I may not otherwise remind myself to do. Thank you. :)

Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

They are so much smarter than we usually give them credit for!!!