A pregnancy update

Perhaps, dare I wish it?...my LAST pregnancy update? No no, dont go holding your breath or anything. In fact, now that I am 37 weeks and could healthfully have this baby it seems my pre-labor contractions have all but stopped. Isnt THAT my luck?

Actually I am feeling very lucky about it. Even during the worst of this pregnancy I knew that I would rather have another late baby then an early one. The latest studies show that babies monitored and born after 42 weeks are no more likely to have complications then term babies, while babies born before 38 have much much higher risks. Of course a few extra weeks are worth a healthy baby. But I will admit, that even on days like today when I feel soo very good, I would rather a term baby then a late one. So little Blueberry? Are you listening? Your daddy and I are really shooting for New Years Eve. Just thought I'd let you know. You know, so you can think about it.

It has been a while since my last update. I will be honest and let you know my silence was due to the golden rule "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". For the last few weeks I have NOT had many nice things to say about this pregnancy. Non-stop contractions and feeling huge and a poor tummy stretched and ripping and sleepless nights and horrible pain in my pelvic bone from a head rubbing against it all day. I was beginning to wonder how I was going to last another month (if not longer).

But suddenly then things turned around. The contractions have stopped, I'm sleeping at least 2 or 3 hours at a time again between bathroom breaks. I am huge still but some lovely oil made by a new friend has helped the itching and stretching. My pelvic bone still gets rubbed raw but I try to remember its caused by the lovely head-down-ness I have wanted so much.

I cant concentrate on a single thing, true. The other day I told a friend I'd love to be at her house at 10, only to realize it was 9:30 and we werent dressed, showered, or fed yet. Gifts are being mailed out tomorrow and there wasn't a Christmas card to include with them in sight. I had to use thankyou cards. I could always make cards...but really? The 15 dozen cookies (yes 180 cookies!) I made on Saturday were a miracle within themselves. I only burned 1 tray-full, dropped and shattered 1 mixing bowl, 1 water glass, and 1 lid to my sugar bowl, broke 1 cookie press by over tightening, and completely ruined the fudge. If that is cookie success (and it was) then I dont want to know what would happen if I got out scissors and scrapbooking paper to make cards.

But this brainlessness is just an excuse to do less. I told Josh today I felt really on top of my to-do list this week. Then I realized it was only because I kept crossing things off as unimportant. Vacuuming? Nah, I did it last week...or at least 2 weeks ago. Either way if I'm not wearing my glasses it looks clean!

As my time draws closer its also easier to relish these last days with Zeke. Our last days spent just the two of us, and I will surely miss them. Today we laid in bed for hours. Zeke took one look at the new snow and climbed right back in with me, smart little man. We read books and kissed and sang silly songs and wrestled and ate donuts and milk while still laying on daddy's pillow (shhh dont tell!) These quite mornings will never be the same. Its not that we wont still spend a morning in bed now and then. Or even that we wont have time just the two of us. But it will be different.

We also had a pretty good time in the snow...you know...AFTER all that laying in bed.
We came back inside an hour later with the walkways and driveway shoveled, rosy cheeked and sweaty-haired (should have left my beanie on for the picture, lesson learned). We then devoured the biggest plate of nachos ever seen by man (or by toddler and pregnant woman) and went straight back to bed for a good 3 hour nap.

Yeah...I could have a few more days like this with my little man.


Rachel said...

And ZOMG were they tasty cookies too! :-D

And that little Zeke is just so cute. Love the snow suit and especially him helping you shovel!

Tooj said...

Um, I could NEVER get my little men to sit in bed with me for ten minutes, let alone hours. That's a feat in itself....I suppose it might be different if I stayed at home during the day and didn't work outside of it. Food for thought. We might transform weekends.

Good luck with the last few weeks. I'm sure that baby is snug as a bug and preparing for the perfectly timed entrance. Or should I say exit?

Ilyas Abdullah said...

What is this... ???? i Like That