As Zeke and I enter the murky waters of the toddler years together I'm trying to focus on all the wonderful things about this age. Yes, his temper is unpredictable at best. Yes, his needs are never-ending and often suffocating. Yes, when I asked him (in a very sad voice and face) who he thought would possibly do this naughty naughty thing, this drawing on mommy's walls that I had found, he looked at me with an equally sad face and voice and said "daddy".


- Ezekiel has his father's gentle nature. I will never stop being thankful for it. Not only because it is such a wonderful trait but because it is so beautiful to see Josh in Zeke. Zeke is always there when I'm upset, rubbing my arm or offering me his treasured blanket to snuggle. He is always so compassionate and gentle to smaller children and to animals. Always so concerned to hear a baby cry. He never fails to give me my good morning kiss and hug, no matter how busy he may be to get to his toys. As much as I can hope that he retains this trait and that he grows to be a man as gentle in voice and spirit as his father, I know it will not always be exactly like it is now. The world will get to him, my little boy.

- He takes such joy in our joy. Zeke is never happier than when we are all together as a family, the 3 of us, and laughing at some silliness or another. His giggles always mingle with our own, even if he couldn't possibly understand the joke. He is just happy that we are happy and his happiness always quadruples our own. His laughter is infectious and Ezekiel laughs all day. It wont be long before we are not his favorite playmates.

-He is my ever present helper. Even aside from the small "chores" that we have been implementing (carrying the milk jugs to the recycling bin, sweeping under the table after meals, feeding the turtles, and picking up his toys at bedtime) he is always eager to help. I rarely roll up my sleeves in the kitchen without Zeke ready to hand me clean dishes from the dishwasher or a pan from a low cupboard (saving me that last foot of bending over), or throw away that bit of apple core, or stir that instant pudding. I never sort dirty laundry without him right by my side, also pulling out all those shirts and pants. And if I get out a sponge, then he needs his as well. He always comes to tell us when the teapot is whistling or the oven has beeped and he keeps an eye out for Ziggy's return when he goes outside and is always the first to notice him scratching at the door to be let back in. Soon, though, Zeke will find better things to do with his time then help mommy all day long and chores will be a battle.


Tammy said...

that really is beautiful Courtney...brought tears to my eyes...:)...I miss him...

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