A new netbook

I know its been almost a week. And I also know these long absences make readers assume I have given birth. Sorry, I haven't. Be assured when I do, either I, my husband, or a friend will blog about it on here within 24 hours. Probably within 4 hours. Im addicted like that.

My excuses for THIS absence runs thus: Josh. He attempted to fix my laptop charger and succeeded in breaking it to the point of complete non-compliance last week. You see, before he "fixed" it, it would spark dangerously whenever you moved it, but it DID charge my laptop. After he "fixed" it, it did neither.

I saw this coming. In fact I think I said the words "Honey please don't mess with my laptop because it works right now and whenever you fix something it doesn't work anymore." Then I got a really nasty look.

I think its a great testament to my patience and love that when he came back upstairs and the charger indeed no longer worked I didn't give that nasty look right back. Neither did I say "I told you so", use the word "idiot", or complain during the subsequent days I spend cut off from internet access. (I could have hypothetically gone down into the Labyrinth and used one of Josh's 3 computers. Hypothetically.)

I dont believe in Karma. But I do think my good behavior is in part a cause for what happened next. Josh let me open my birthday present a few weeks early! A new netbook! Its so tiny and adorable. And it turns on without nary a spark anywhere. We've been talking about getting one for me for a while, in part because Josh's laptop with its duel processors and fancy video card and ect ect ect is completely wasted on someone who does absolutely nothing with her computer except blog, check her email, and watch streaming videos from time to time. Also in part because Josh missed his laptop and wanted it back. But no solution was in sight without buying a new one for me. You see, sharing a computer has never worked for us, Josh is always "fixing" things. And we have no space for a desktop upstairs so I couldn't trade him laptop for desktop. Nor in any universe can I spent any amount of time in his basement office...the dreaded labyrinth...without having an anxiety attack. Oh the piles of paperwork and the pop cans everywhere and the clutter clutter clutter. Also I am afraid of basements.

Maybe there IS a universe where I can go down there. But in that universe Josh has the body of Hugh Jackman, I brush my hair every morning, and Zeke is not currently throwing things at me because I took away the oatmeal he was using as body paint.

Anyways, we've been thinking about a netbook. But it was decided to be too expensive and not really necessary as the laptop worked fine for me and Josh didnt really NEED a 4th computer.
But then the sparking began. And my birthday came up. And Josh is completely against spending 60 bucks on a charger when he KNOWS he can fix it...which he still, by the way, knows.

So netbook it is.


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Anonymous said...

I got a netbook lastnight and it was 100.00 with a 100.00 mail in rebate... so free in two weeks. lol. But ours isn't very "cool" though it works better than our broken ones!