A Christmas in Pictures

Since our families didn't get to see us this year for Christmas (you know, being due any second now and unable to travel) I thought I'd put up a ton of pictures of our festivities. Here is our tree Christmas Eve. We are one spoiled family. We ran out of wrapping paper. At midnight. On Christmas Eve. Hence the kitchen my mom bought Zeke being only covered in the front and by shipping paper. The fact that we even had enough of THAT was a saturnalia miracle. (The phrase Saturnalia miracle was repeated throughout the holiday from this point on, as it cracked Josh and I up)

I woke up early but the boys slept in until almost 9.

Zeke's first sight of his stocking.

He took the candy canes out right away and then would not get interested in anything else.

We then repeated this with the M&M's.

But we got him to get into the rest of the stocking finally, as long as he got to hold his candy. Here is is showing me his new matchbox car.

After we gave in to a few M&M's and then snuck away the candy he finally noticed that giant gift in the corner.

A kitchen!

Repeat the "no-longer-interested-in-anything-else" scenario again. Zeke has a short attention span...or I suppose the problem is its a long attention span? Either way this presents thing took us quite a while.

But he soon got the hang of it.

And he opened everyone's presents for them.

Only getting distracted by the really really cool gifts.

And sometimes stealing mommy's.

When all was finished daddy thought he was getting a hug. In fact Zeke had just remembered about those M&M's from earlier.

I didnt want to cook on Christmas. So we just put out some crackers, cheese, summer sausage, apple, pomegranate, spinach dip with bread, and some cake bites I made the night before. It was pretty good to munch all day long.

Ezekiel agreed. He was, in fact, a dip hog.

We also played Yahtzee. I won once, and then Josh won twice, so I decided the REAL winner was the highest 3 scores added together. We tied exactly.

A Saturnalia miracle.


Kait T said...

Fun! Molly got the same kitchen!

Tooj said...

Yahtzee is great. I think we need to pull that out tonight...NYE is game night for me and my siblings. And kids are dip hogs, aren't they? They love to dip, ANYTHING. My mom had to teach my husband that and every since it's been downhill for me and cleaning.

Sheena said...

curious, Ellis got the same kitchen, but as a gift from Sly as he got it two years ago. it's a good one.