Pictures so you know I'm still alive

A picture of my growing belly has been requested. Its true that it has been a while. Mostly I've been avoiding the subject because as you can see...I am now officially huge. I walk like a penguin and at Josh's company Christmas party people kept telling me I looked beautiful but in this really really sad voice.

The Christmas party was a lot of fun, btw and Zeke did beautifully with his babysitter. She said he cried for the first 20 or so minutes and threw a gummy worm on the ground, but other than that had fun. Adria is the best. We all know this to be true. And I only missed Zeke really bad once, when I saw little squares of cheese at the buffet. I grabbed a ton thinking Zeke would love those and then remembered he wasn't there :( Oh and best part: there were people in tuxedos carrying around trays of appetizers. It was my first party fancy enough to actually have that and I am still young enough to think that's pretty snazzy.

When I turn 24 on Friday maybe I will be less impressed...who knows.

Speaking of 24 when I got home from Yoga my boys had decorated the house with streamers and a banner and even bought me a cake!
And to finish, two adorable pictures of Zeke.


Mama Michie (aka Michaela) said...

Happy belated birthday!

Holly said...

So did you wear that black dress? Or no, which is fine by me. If you did, did it fit ok, look ok, feel comfortable? I loved that dress when I was pregnant, it was SUPER comfy.