A Felt Board and Felt Counting Fish

I've been felting it up lately. First I made a new felt board for Zeke's school room. It really shows off my extremely mediocre sewing skills. (Check out that pocket...that I decided I wanted after I had already finished...note to self...pockets go first)

A friend found the pattern here, and ever since I saw it I had been looking at our old felt board with disdain. It was alright, in its own way. I had simply stapled some felt over a piece of cardboard and then set it in an old frame. But it was suddenly too small, and I no longer liked the brown I had chosen. Too many pieces I wanted to make were brown (bears, monkeys, ect).

The best part about the new one (I think), is that its a travel felt board. It folds in half, right along that crease, and then the hanging ribbon can act as a handle.

Then I made those adorable characters for the Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? story. I may or may not have all the colors right, I was working from memory, but they were a hoot to make. Usually I just color, cut, and laminate things that I've printed off the internet for Zeke's felt board, and then glue a tab from a diaper onto the back so it sticks. It takes a ton less time, but this turned out really cute.

After that I figured I was on a roll, and made some counting fish. I cut two identical fish, and then blanket stitched them together with a washer in their mouth. I made 6, since that's how many washers Josh had in his toolbox. Then I glued sequins on them...you know...for the counting part. Zeke honestly already knows how to count to 10, not to mention his colors, but there is always Malachi and Zeke has enjoyed fishing for them all the same. For the fishing pole I just went into the backyard and found a suitable stick, and then tied a magnet (from a purse) on with twine. The basket came from my thrifted collection (I regularly scour thrift stores for wicker baskets, Im weird like that).

Now Im wondering what I should make next...


Domrese Family Blog said...

I just put our felt board up too! Brown Bear is a favorite at this house too! We also do farm scenes, 5 green and speckled frogs, and all the kid stories(like the three little bears, etc.)

Kari Marchelli said...

What a cute idea! Your're very creative.

Trippleaaa said...

So cute! I love the Brown Bear felt board, that is Aidan's favortie book and he knows it by heart now. I also really like the counting fish. I wish I was more crafty :)