One of those days

It has been one of those days. I woke up and fought with my husband.

Wife Fail.

Then the baby cried for about 2 hours for no apparent reason at all.

Then we walked to the library, missing story time because Zeke decided he wanted to walk instead of ride in the wagon. Our walk to the library is only about a mile and a quarter, but the last half is alongside a busy road. I got really, really cranky by the end of that walk and yelled at Zeke that I would spank him if he kept running ahead of me (I was terrified he would veer to the side and into the road).

Mom Fail.

I had a list of 23, I counted them, TWENTY-THREE, books about apples that the internet had said the Shadle library had this weekend when I looked them up. (Apples are our preschool theme next week.) They had 1. ONE out of that entire list. So I had to jump on a computer to request the few that looked best and cross my fingers that they come in before Monday. While I did that, Malachi dumped out the library garbage can at my feet and started eating paper out of it. A friendly gentleman had to point it out to me. Another young girl informed me that Zeke, whom I had deposited at a table to read books, was getting all my money out of my wallet.

After all this, I realized I could have requested all those books in the safety of my home.

Parent Fail.

During nap time a friend called wanting to vent. Instead of gently calming her down, trying to see the other side of the situation, or even telling her I couldn't talk right then, I just vented alongside her. My tendency for gossip goes up when my mood goes down and I knew I wasn't in a position to take that call before I even answered.

Friend Fail. (also Christian Fail, but since those happen about every 4 seconds in my life, it didn't sting as bad.)

Later on we went to the grocery store. I needed eggs because the zuchinni bread Zeke and I tried to make earlier didn't turn out, in fact it boiled all over the entire oven,

Baker Fail,

And my egg lady wasn't getting me more eggs for a good 4 days,

Egg Distribution Fail?

I decided to buy Zeke and I a smoothie at the Jamba Juice within the store as a special treat after such a hard day. The woman was kind enough to offer to split it into 2 cups, which I thought was a lovely idea if I wanted any.

As soon as I handed Zeke his cup, he dropped it. It exploded everywhere. The woman offered to make us another. I agreed and apologized, and apologized again, and cleaned up the mess, and apologized again. It was seriously a huge mess.

Two isles later Zeke dropped his cup again. About 1/3 splattered everywhere and I had to go get management and apologize another 18 times.

As we got into out car, Zeke dropped it a third time.

I yelled at him. He looked both shocked and terrified. (Background information, Zeke freaks out when he makes any sort of mess, or makes any sort of mistake for that matter, so I have always stressed being calm when messes happen.)

Mom Fail, again.

Also, I just now realized when the clock chimed that I haven't prayed once all day.

Christian Fail...and probably the reason today has been so awful.

Today has just been one of those days... the days that make you so glad that there will be a tomorrow to start over with.


Melissa aka Equidae said...

my day started as bad today but trying to remedy....sigh super tired alresdy

Jen said...

Lame day. Hope you have a super one tomorrow!

Chelsea said...

Psst: One of my favorite library features is that you can request books that aren't even checked out and they will pull them for you and keep them on a shelf until you can pick them up! Best thing ever for quick in and outs at the library. +Chelsea