I've been thinking about Ezekiel lately...the other one. Mostly about when he turned all those bones to flesh. (which inevitably gets this song stuck in my head...the leg bone connected to the foot bone...dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones) Anyways, God asks him "Son of Man, can these bones live?" And good old Zeke, he answers, "Oh Lord God, only You know."

I love that.

Smart man, that Ezekiel. Were I as smart as him. "Our bones are dried up, and our hope has perished." indeed.


I sat in the living room with my boys folding towels the other day. How I imagined it going- me folding bath towels, Zeke folding the hand towels, and Malachi playing quietly beside us. How it really was-me folding bath towels, Zeke folding one hand towel and then galloping around in circles whipping the rest of them in the air like crazy, and Malachi angrily trying to climb into the laundry basket until it tipped over and trapped him (which somehow satisfied him).

Reality hardly ever turns out the way I imagine it. But once you get over the shock and disappointment of life ignoring your plans, it also hardly ever turns out worse either.

I think that knowledge is one of the biggest things that I want to impart upon my children.


Zeke, for the first time, has been making friends, and playing with other children. It's a big step for us, and one that I honestly wasn't sure was ever going to happen.

There is a very fine line between accepting a persons limitations and personality faults, and underestimating their ability to grow and I don't think I've been walking it very well with Zeke.


Fall has arrived, and with it the yarn has come out. The first hat of the season (the one Zeke is wearing, Mal's is from another year).

I say this every year, but this year I am seriously making something for myself. I even have the pattern all picked out. I even have some yarn, a gorgeous green bamboo, purchased.

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