Its about finding Joy

I blogged a bit not to long ago about enjoying the little gifts, capturing the hidden grace in the most common of moments. About seeing even the hardest days as blessings beyond counting.

It's had me thinking ever since.

I tend, as a person, to let one bad thing spiral me into an entire bad day. Which is ridiculous. I'm not going to say there are no bad days, although I could perhaps debate it, but when I look at the grand scheme of things...the minor hardships and setbacks that I've allowed to ruin a day are too shameful to type.

And so I've been working hard on gratefulness. On stopping and looking around. On seeing God with my at every moment pouring grace over my head.

On taking the time to realize that though my baby is feverish and miserable and I haven't slept more than 2 hours in a night in 5 days, that there are those that would kill for the chance to be woken by their feverish baby.

And I know them, and I am ashamed for complaining.

My child is a blessing. His very life is a blessing. His relative health is a blessing. Though I am tired, and feeling over-touched, and it's far too hot to be pacing with a crying and feverish baby, at the same time I am brought to tears with gratitude for this moment, when I stop to think about it.

It's all about perspective.

And so I'm starting a new project. A personal goal to stop, to notice, and to write down all the ways in which I am blessed. All the grace that I daily, momently, find in my life.

Love notes from my Lord.

Until I reach 1,000. 1,000 Moments of Grace.

It's not a new idea. It isn't very different from my friend Ivory's Year of Pleasures series, which I assume is based on the Year of Pleasures book. Ann Voscamp did it, and better than I will, wrote a book about it, and even now has an entire Gratitude Community following her example. Even Oprah did it, and I'm not sure but it might be one of the basis tenants of that Secret book. So, no, its not original. But it just might change my life.

*if you would like to count 1,000 things you are thankful for along with me, either on your blog or in private, please let me know either by email or in the comments. I would love to follow along, chat about it, or if you like, pray for you on this journey.


Linda said...

I'm going to do it with you!! My blog is I going to blog about it over there right now. Thanks for the great idea.

Nicole said...

THanks for the very reassuring blog..I tend to be the same way with life lately one little thing brings me down so easily then at night I reflect and I think about stuff I could of done differently. I would like to do it to. I would love for the encouragement and prayers of course as well!

Melissa aka Equidae said...

your posts are always an inspiration to me! I will do it with you :) thanks for the idea