A Small Scare

Today was our turn to pick up milk for our milk co-op (we take turns buying milk for the whole group). So this morning we headed to the "cow farm".

My thought, here, was to get a picture with Zeke in the front and a cow behind.

But before I could get the angle correct, he flipped around, and pointed. "Oh no!" he gasped.


Mortal enemies, my son and birds. Or, for that matter, my husband and birds.

By the way, see that dinosaur shirt Z is wearing? We have 2 such dinosaur shirts, both technically sleepwear, and yet Zeke insists on wearing one of them at. all. times. We are in a big dinosaur stage; he stomps like a dinosaur wherever he goes, my questions are as likely to receive an answer as a resounding "roar!", he scours the library for dinosaur books, and yes, he will only wear clothes that have dinosaurs on them.

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Jules said...

The look on his face is priceless.