A Gift

The little boy watched with interest as his daddy presented his mommy with flowers. This particular mommy has received flowers like clockwork for 5 years now; once at Valentines and once on their Anniversary. The holidays blessedly spread 6 months apart, so it did indeed seem like clockwork, albeit a very slow clock.

Not that she minds. She is often heard saying that she can buy flowers whenever she well pleases, and she is often seen doing just that. The boy's mommy loves flowers. But even a small boy can see that flowers lovingly given bring greater joy than flowers bought at the market.

And so he hatched a plan.

Three small "yellows", the flowers that all little boys know are the most precious of all, dutifully collected from the bounty of a backyard.
Only slightly crushed from two small hands.
But given with all the love in one not-so-small heart.

It was the best bouquet she had ever received.


Mama Kayla said...

How sweet. <3

Melissa aka Equidae said...


Marshmallow Circus said...

aww, so cute! My preschoolers are obsessed with bringing me flowers when they see them. I love that they think of me. :)

Jennspiration said...

That is precious!