Im feeling pretty accomplished

I finally finished re-upholstering the rocking chair that I have been talking about doing for at least a year, and had the materials to do for at least a month, and started over a week ago.

In the end I dont even know why it took me so long. It wasnt nearly as difficult as I thought it would be (please dont click on the picture and look too closely). The old back-cushion is now hanging from the back of the chair, a scratching post for kitties since the material the chair was made of was apparently irresistible.

I think it looks nice. Cheerful to get me thru the long winter.

I ALSO started preschool with Zeke this week. It is also going really well. Even though I had at first planned on starting with the season fall, I switched last minute to dinosaurs, since that is the big thing around here. I think Zeke is in heaven. It worked out anyways because while its cool at night and in the early mornings, its still really summer around here.

I also made two little felt dino's for him to play with:

Relatedy, I started a new blog (despite my record of keeping up with 2nd blogs, anyone remember the weight loss one that had all of 4 posts?) for my preschooling stuff. I realized this week, with all the little activities and things I am putting together that I want to share, it could quickly take over this space. I dont want it to, so now it has it's own space. So if you are interested in what we are doing for preschool, or want ideas for activities, book reviews, ect, go over to the aptly named

And now, off to eat lunch and get dressed. I'm going to ABBA The Music at the fair tonight. (Kid free night, yippee! Dont worry, I already took them to the fair last weekend.) The music will be good and the company even better.

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