How Time Flies

I can't believe that Malachi is already 8 months old. The time has gone by way too fast. Mal has been a joy of a baby, I don't want this stage to end. But end it will...and is.

8 months just seems really really big to me. This morning I pulled out all the books that Zeke loved most when he was at this age, and after we did "preschool" with Zeke I sat and read a few with Malachi. The black and white newborn books will probably end up getting boxed soon, they hardly entertain anymore. He wants more to look at.

We've been trying all sorts of new foods on Malachi, too. Bagels have been a big hit. It turns out he's not nearly as picky as I had feared, just stubborn. He will only eat if he can feed it to himself. All sorts of foods that had been refused time and time again in puree form are perfectly acceptable as chunks. Or better yet (in Mal's opinion) as a whole. If it looks exactly like what Zeke is eating, we are golden. So for the first time Malachi is actually eating foods a couple times a day.

Mostly I've been spending hours just watching his mouth. It's the kind of thing you are afraid you wont have time to notice, or enjoy, with a second born but Malachi is just so immensely expressive with his mouth. I could watch the emotions play across his face all day. He has 100 smiles, and I want to memorize them all before its too late.

Like this I just found a chocolate chip on the kitchen floor face.

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Melissa aka Equidae said...

that last pic is incredible! love it