Garden update

*pictures taken on different days, thus the lighting difference*

I was not aware that tomato plants could grow so big. We must have at least 50-60 tomatoes, and that isn't might not even be high enough. The plants are taller than Zeke and our stakes are sadly sadly strained.
As the weather has cooled off, I went thru and pinched off all the remaining flowers. I was worried with so very much fruit and the season being soon over that they wouldn't turn red in time. I read that if you pinch off the flowers (which wont have time to fully develop anyways) the plant will have more resources to devote to existing fruit. I'm not sure if it worked, or it was just time, but I picked 5 or 6 ripe tomatoes to make lasagna this weekend and already I have 3 more waiting on the windowsill.
The pepper plants ended up filling out, and now we have quite a few peppers as well. 3 or 4 per plant and we planted 9 (and lost one). The peppers are causing me a bit of a conundrum. I don't actually know how to tell when they are ripe.
We ate one with breakfast recently (scrambled in our eggs) and it tasted fine, so I suppose I will just pick them as I want them, starting with the biggest first.
The green beans never did grow very thick. I think they never recovered from that bug attack early this summer. They have pretty much finished producing at this point but we ate a good 4 meals off of our 2 5 foot rows, which isnt bad if you ask me. Especially considered we had given them up as lost. I'm excited for next year, to see how many beans we get off of healthy plants.

I replanated some peas a few weeks ago, for a fall harvest, and I can see teeny tiny pea plants coming up now. Josh thinks I planted a week or two too early, I think I was a week or two too late. So hopefully we are equally wrong :) I've never done fall planting, but then again I've never done any planting, outside pots.

Its been so much fun, and a lot easier then I suspected. Or maybe we just had good luck. Either way, we have big plans for next year. We're thinking we could double what we did this year. We have the space for it, if we use our space a bit more wisely, and with Malachi walking I can only imagine how much easier weeding and planting will be.


Kari Marchelli said...

Beautiful garden! I wish I could grow one but when you kill two :) I'm' not even gonna go there.

Rachel said...

As far as I know, the peppers will be ripe when they change from green to whatever color they're supposed to be.
Of course, you can eat them green too, just like in the store. :-)

Yeah, those tomatoes can really get big if started early enough, and the big beefsteak tomatoes get SO heavy!

I think a lot of things are really easy to grow. It's too bad home veggie gardens have fallen so by the wayside.
I've done gardens a few times, and the biggest problem for me has just been getting the lawn out of the way first (don't have the money to build fancy beds like Ivory did). I suppose I've also had issues with earwigs and slugs killing seedlings… and both years I did peas they got powdery mildew around the end of July, purely because my sprinkler system is always spraying on the leaves.

Actually, one year one of the tomato plants I brought home from Huckleberrys was sick and it infected and killed several of the others… but normally they are super easy plants to grow.
I don't think I ever bought tomato plants from Huckleberrys again. ;-)