Nice to Meet you, Son

Zeke- "What's your name?"

me- "I'm mommy, silly bean."

Zeke- "What's your OTHER name?"

me- "My name is Courtney."

Zeke- laughs "Courtney? That's cool. I'm Zekey."

Nice to meet you, son.

In a way, these days, it is beginning to feel like I'm meeting Ezekiel for the first time. His language has just exploded. And I mean exploded. Check out those full sentences people!! (And if he'd get up the guts to talk to strangers, I'm sure you would) Also, since when has he understood the concept of "other"?

For a kid who's language skills always rather concerned me, I can't help but feel like he's pulling ahead of the pack now. His enunciation can get atrocious, but his pronouns are getting really impressive. And his ideas, oh man the ideas in that kids head. Who knew?

Z- "I'm sad" sigh, "I'm soo sad."

me- "Oh no, why are you sad, Zekey?"

Z- "I just want to fly away."

me- "You want to fly away?"

Z- "Yeah. Like a bird."

me- "Can I fly away with you?"

Z- "Yeah." smiles, "We will go to our tree. We will eat eggs."

I'm not sure Zeke quite understands the relationship between birds and eggs, I'm also not quite sure that I'm ready to get into that. But still, I cant say that there is a single other person I'd rather just sit and chat with right now.

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Courtney Metcalfe, Educational Consultant said...

I love when they start this! Too cute!