In my Pockets

As my very first sewing project I made an apron. It was fairly hilarious. I had never seen a sewing machine before so just use your imagination.

I also couldnt find a pattern I liked so I kind of made it up from a picture I had.

But now I have an awesome half apron and I see many many more in my future.

Its actually really handy. All those extra pockets.

And I think its kind of cool in a Mad Men sort of way. I've been watching a lot of Mad Men.

Walking around in my apron, pulling things out of my pockets, I kind of feel like an old-school housewife. A rag, some all-purpose, a pencil and pad, a binky, a few dozen clothespins... items go in and items go out, it might as well be the 1920's nevermind the 1960's.

But then my fingers find my cellphone, or my ipod...or my thumb drive. Hi, 2010.

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Kari Marchelli said...

I think your apron turned out supercute!!