New things for me

At the same time as I've been busy, oh so busy, getting the boys' school space and supplies organized, and reading up on preschool theories be they waldorf or motessori or classical or charlotte mason, yes, I said at the SAME time as all of that, I've been presented with a new opportunity for me.

And yes, I said that too...for ME.

Those words haven't really existed in my life for the last 3 years.

Since having my kids I've really developed a passion for birth and birth education. Not really a passion for home birth, even though I loved it, or for natural birth, though I think every woman has the ability and right to one, but for informed birth. All I'm asking for is correct information, for pregnant women to understand what the heck all those choices are, and most importantly, that they are choices. C-sections don't bother me, neither do epidurals, or even inductions, I think they are all great and useful tools. What bothers me are women who get those things and don't understand the risks, or get those things and don't even understand why, because there is no why. Doctors don't inform their patients. Patients don't understand that they are consumers. And infant and mother mortality/morbidity rates are better in any other developed country then in ours.

I dont really want to open this can of beans.

Lets leave it at the fact that I am passionate about this.

And I've often wondered where this passion will take me. I though about becoming a doula, but it didn't feel right. I've thought about quite a few things, but nothing ever clicked, really.

Until now. Bloom is a great and amazing resource that's been around for about a year. And now it's getting the chance to leave the internets (wonderful as they are) and enter our community in a real way. I went to a meeting about it on Tuesday and I heard a click so loud that the echo is still going thru my blood.

I want to do everything I can to make this successful.

And luckily Tine (the designer of Bloom) is willing to let me. Even more luckily, so is my husband. I'm so so sure you will be hearing more.

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Kari Marchelli said...

Bad doctors don't' inform their patients. If you have a good doctor, then the patient should understand the risk and benefits of having any type of procedure done.