What happened?

I realized I havent blogged in a while. Strange. Maybe the heat is getting to me. It's been hot in Spokane lately.

But a quick update of the goings-on around the house lately is in order.

Josh and I had a date night. It was an in-house date, begun after the kids went down for bed. But a date none-the-less.

We made mud slides and played Scrabble.

I know, we are totally wild. And craaaazy.

We both drank a bit too much. Enough that we were so impressed with this corner that we took a picture of it.
Upon awakening we weren't quite as impressed with ourselves.

We also planned another date night. An out of the house one!! We are going bowling with some friends...I know...wild...and crazy. We need to grow up and start acting our age :)

The green beans in the garden are producing.
I don't even understand how its happening because the plants are only about 4 inches tall. The beans are almost as big as the plants.

Malachi is doing well, as well. He is getting better and better at that crawling thing, for sure. He also moved up another size. I tried and tried to hold out in the 12 month stuff until winter but nooo siree. So he's in 18 month clothes now. At 6 months. Yeah.

Zeke is being....Zeke. There are no words for Zeke.

Well maybe there are...but there are a lot of them.

Dirty. (Sadly, this is every. single. day.)

Imaginative. (The conversation between Lion and Zebra as they ate their apples was beyond hilarious...I was laughing far too hard to record it.)

Stylish. (I am working on a boy-appropriate dress up collection so he will GET OUT OF MY STUFF! The shoes don't bother me so much, but my jewelry box is in shambles...)

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Jennspiration said...

I love the scrabble words! Wow, genius! LOL! Looks like you guys are having fun, I love to see that! Zeke is so funny with his dirty face...and Mal...18 months?!? Big boy!!