Fireworks Festival

We didnt do much this weekend. We played Wii, we played Scrabble, I finished a book and started another. After over a month straight of non-stop weekend activity, we didn't much mind the on and off rain that kept us home.

So I'll blog about LAST weekend :)

On Sunday we went downtown for the Fireworks Festival. Its a rather small one, and we had never attended before.

But a day downtown is a summer staple and since we were out of town for the 4th we didn't get our traditional 4th of July day downtown.

I think we got there around 4.

Almost right off we had to find the "big clock" and wait for it to sing. Zeke adores the big clock. He talks about it, and the song it sings, all the time. He talks about it far more often, and in more varied company, then I am comfortable with, in fact. If you know Zeke and the trouble he has pronouncing his "l's" then you can imagine why.

After that we went to go play in the fountains.

The first plan was to go out to eat and then come back for the ballet at 8, and the music at 9. There is a 60 piece windpipe band (oboes, trumpets, horns, ect) and as the finale there are fireworks set to Handel.

But we played in the water too long and realized we wouldnt make it in time.

So instead we got take-out.
And watched the ballet while we ate.
Zeke was enthralled with the dancing.
And also later with the piccolo. Oh yeah, and the fireworks.

The 4th downtown is a tradition but honestly, this was so much more fun. Less crowds for sure and way better entertainment. The fireworks show, I'll admit, didnt really compare but I think this was a winner.

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Jennspiration said...

Cute Pics! I love the one of Josh watching Zeke play in the fountain and it looks like their silhouettes. Very Cool! No pics of Mal?!?