The family bed

(A picture of one of our first naptimes. Dont I look properly exhausted and swollen?)

Laying across our bed this morning was (in order) Ziggy, Me, Mony(on top of me), Mal, Josh, then Zeke. And as I gazed across this scene the term "family bed" got a whole new meaning. 2 adults, 2 children, and 2 cats. Thank the Lord for king size beds but even if we didn't have one I dont think we would do it any other way.

We love sleep sharing around here.

Ezekiel spent the first 6 months of his nights split between his bedside bassinet and snuggled between us in our bed. We plan on Mal doing so for about double that time. And Josh and I both dread the day that the early morning hours don't bring the pitter patter of Zeke's feet into our room to join us, blanket and baby Burt tucked under one arm and a quiet "up up" coming from his lips. So I guess I forgot to add Burt in the bed line-up. He is always there as well. Not only did Josh insist on sleeping on that cabbage patch doll for the first oh...18 years of his life...Zekers seems intent to do the same. Burt has a way with Clark boys.

So co-sleeping is obviously a big part of our life right now. And like I said. We love it. It gives us all a better night's sleep since the baby is happy and I can just roll over when it's feeding time. The newest studies say it lowers the risks of SIDS. It increases attatchment since it adds all that lovely bonding and snuggle time.

And I was going to go on about it but I hear a toddler crying so I better run. Life with 2!


Jules said...

So sweet. ☺

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Aww...the pitter patter....up precious! I haven't made any set in stone decisions about when Parker will sleep in his own bed. I just don't want him to wake up and think that I'm not there for him immediately. We can't cosleep forever though cuz our bed isn't big enough. But we love the snuggles!