Zeke being Zeke (with bonus Mal pics)

I've raised my son right.
No words are really necessary, are they?
Yes, those are pants on his head. My son is a fashionista.
Remember what I said about being a fashionista? I dont take it back.
Helping daddy bathe brother.
Josh is an expert at putting babies to sleep.
He was really really impressed with himself.

I was afraid a new baby would mean less pictures of Zeke, when in fact it has meant more because while a camera is always out, newborns rarely do anything worthy of taking a picture. Malachi is a doll but all he does at this point is dirty his diapers, burb like a teenager, and look cross eyed at you.

Anyways those were the outtakes from the last half of our Grandma Melanie week.

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