And suddenly he grows up

This week I am realizing that my little baby (well my biggest little baby) is grown up.

Evidence #1: He has switched completely over to big boy cups at meals. As in NO LIDS. We're still using tippie cups when we are out of the house (obviously) and often I can get him to still use one for his water between meals but more often then not he is even insisting on a real cup then too. And you know what? We havent spilled all week. Well take that back, I knocked one over with my elbow the other day at lunch. Zeke promptly got a rag and mopped it up for me saying "its ok, its ok".

Evidence #2: Zeke doesnt move into our bed anymore in the mornings. As long as he doesnt have a nightmare he stays in his bed straight until 7am when he runs to us yelling "Hi!". I have to say...I miss my sleepy early morning cuddles. My son is finally fully night trained and I would pay 100 bucks to have him waking up again :(

Evidence #3: Just watching him play with Preton...
I dont care how often I read that toddlers their age dont actually play together, they just play side by side. Because turning 2 and 3 respectively this summer, those boys are playing TOGETHER. There is back and forth, there is cooperationg (usually when getting into something naughty). Preston is the obvious ringleader, due not only to his advanced age but to personalities...but I dont think anyone watching would call it side by side play.

Kim and I were reminiscing (right before this check out what's in the fridge episode, in fact) about the summer we became freinds and how Zeke was a teeny little newborn and Preston a barely-toddler. How time has passed! And before we know it they will be off to kindergarten! Its so easy looking at this picture of them to imagine them as gangly 12 year olds doing the exact same broad shouldered men...

Be still my beating heart!

At least I have my Malachi. He wont go and grow up on me...right?

Lol, Zeke just announced that he is daddy, put his coat on (backwards) and told me "bye! kiss kiss! I work!"


Kim said...

He is growing up! And coming out of his shell so much! I would definitely have to agree with you that they are playing together not just next to each other! I love watching them both grow up but it really is sad to think of just how grown up they've become and will continue to become!

Heather@WHMB said...

I am right there with you, my 17 month old is changing every day and becoming such a grown up. She was playing by herself the other day talking to her baby and wrapping him up in a blanket, etc...full on conversation. I have no idea what she was saying, but she did. It melted me. :(

Anonymous said...

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