I will miss you Doritos dipped in sour cream

Like most women I keep quite a few different sizes of pants around. There is the size I actually wear most of the time. Then there is the size that I like to call the "day after" pants. As in what I wear the day after Thanksgiving, the day after my period starts, and the day after I decide I seriously need to stop dipping my Doritos in sour cream and calling it lunch (or even better, first lunch). Those pants have just a tad bit more forgiveness, if you know what I mean. Then of course there is the mandatory pair of pants that I will never actually fit into again but I still hang on to. In my closet this is a size 6 skinny jean that I swear to God my skeleton couldn't wear. I've had 2 children 9 pounds and up...my hips are forever wider then they were in high school.

(Maybe unlike most women I also have an amazing bra collection ranging in sizes 32C all the way to 36F stored under my bed. I could start a Victoria Secret franchise under there if I didn't have to keep them all because who the heck knows where I will settle out in the end.)

But anyways, among all these pants in various sizes there are the jeans that I find myself wearing today. I keep meaning to throw them all away. I swear to myself that I wont ever need them again. But I do. I always do. I would have gotten rid of them if I wasn't too afraid of the possibility that I would have to go thru the embarrassment of buying more.

I am sad to admit that despite all the yoga and all the healthy eating and all the toddler chasing, I gained over 50 pounds during this pregnancy. 50 pounds!! Almost twice as much as I gained with Zeke. And so, while with Zeke I walked out of the hospital and right back into my trusty day after pants (day after you have a baby, dontcha know)...with Malachi I find myself 2 weeks later and still 15 pounds plus.

Luckily my fav. pair of fat pants are super cute size 10s from Maurices. The 10 doesn't sound so bad in my ear and since they usually look ridiculous large on me I don't normally get to wear them. I might throw them in every load of laundry I do for a couple weeks...


Ivory said...

I bet with breastfeeding and chasing Zeke (sometimes at the same time!) those 15lbs will slide off fairly quickly. Not tomorrow, but I'd be stunned if they are still sticking around after a month or two.

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Yeah I agree, the breastfeeding thing sure is a great help with losing the weight/inches! I'm already going below my pre-pregnancy weight. Of course I'm also doing a raw food thing too so...it all works together for good!

Holly said...

Day after pants is a fun term. I use the term buffet pants! Hehe!

Rachel said...

I agree that 10 really doesn't sound too bad at all!
You look fantastic, and only someone really scrutinizing you would notice it's a 10 and not a 6 (that's only 2 sizes different anyways). And after all, who really _scrutinizes_ us but ourselves? I think you're in the clear from anyone else noticing. ;-)

I agree with the other ladies: Mal suck those extra pounds right off of you within a couple of months.