A Mal post

The way Mal curls his body into mine is a lovely reminder that I am very literally home to him. My body, its distinct temperature, scent, and rhythm was his home for a long 9 months and a few weeks will not, cannot, change that. I am soaking up every second of it because a few short months can and will.

It is so rare that Zeke crawls into my arms these days. And even when he does that sense of folding, almost melting, into one is no longer there. Zeke's body no longer remembers what it means to be one, even if mine does. And even though my body does remember, his weight and the way his suddenly oh so long limbs overwhelm my enveloping arms, spilling over in all directions, reminds me that time has passed.

It passes so quickly.


Grandma Jane said...

Beautiful description of the oneness with you and your newborn, Malachi. And what a cutie, he has stolen my heart just as Zeke did. Thanks for the pictures.

Anonymous said...
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