pictures galore

My MIL came to help me out this week and let me tell you, I appreciate it. Its so nice to be able to ease into this whole parenting two small children thing. Mal is still just about the easiest baby you can imagine but I am also still healing and getting my bearings about how to fulfill both of my little boys' needs. Anyways, I am very very lucky and having Melanie around has been a huge blessing.

And we are having a wonderful time.

We went to Mobius.
And we have gotten to know grandma better. This has included reading books and baking cookies and all sorts of other fun. In fact Zekey has warmed up to grandma so much that he has been following her around everywhere, even asking to be held and *gasp* allowing her to change his diaper!
But mostly we have just been staying at home, falling in love with our newest family member.
And I think he is falling in love with us right back.

Bonus picture of Zeke who apparently thinks Ive been taking too many pictures...can you see it?


Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma said...

Aww, cute pics! It takes a minute to get the hang of two little ones but instincts kick in and you'll be doing just fine before you know it!

Audra said...

ha! that's a dangerous little finger!!!