More Pictures and an update

This was mere seconds after Mal was born. Josh's hands were shaking so bad that he didnt get a single clear shot. I cant think of many things that matter less. Its perfect.
We've also been asked what Zeke was doing during all this delivering of babies in bathtubs. He was in the livingroom, watching netflix on my netbook thru the whole thing. From time to time he would wander down the hall to check up on us and Josh would smile at him and say "Hey buddy, we're ok." and then back Z would wander to good old Blues Clues.
He was in fact so enthralled with the fact that it was apparently a holiday (why else would he be allowed a bottle and cartoons right off the bat?) that we had a hard time getting him to pay attention to his new brother at all. I think when called into the bathroom he said "baby", pointed at Mal, and then went right back to his show.

By the time I was finished and showered and on the couch however the draw of Blue had waned enough for Ezekiel to decide the very best way to greet a new baby brother into the world is by giving him "knuck knucks" aka knuckles. And you know what? It very will might be.

At the very least its a great story to illustrate forever that for better or worse I am now the mother of brothers.
And Zeke has embraced the roll of brother better than Josh or I ever imagined he would. He asks to hold "his baby" and loves to give Malachi his binkie (yes I have another consti-sucker and have already given in to the bink in order to relieve my poor breasts) or to bring him books that he then reads to him.

Of course Mal is still new, and Josh is still home to help, and so Zeke hasnt really had to compete for attention or priority yet. But we are taking the fact that he isnt already jealous as a very good sign. And while it will probably get harder, for now we are celebrating how easy it is today.

And it has been soo soo easy.
Mal has proven to be a very happy baby so far. He loves his sling, he loves his brother. He is a champion breast feeder and my milk has already arrived full throttle.

He has giant giant hands. It is the very first thing every single person has noticed.
And I have been healing beautifully. With no stitches needed, and very little cramping I almost feel back to my old self and its getting harder and harder to stay in bed while my house becomes a tornado around me under "daddy rule" which lets be honest is no rule at all ;) But here I sit, nursing and blogging, for at least a few more days.


Bill said...

I am SO happy that everything is going so well. I have to admit that if anyone can have more beautiful newborns than your Mom, it would have to be you. I can't wait to see you all next weekend.

ivymae said...

That first picture is amazing. The look on your face is so transcendent, even though it is shaky. So, so beautiful.

Meg told me today about M's huge hands! He'll be like a puppy, and outgrow all of you.

Trippleaaa said...

Congratulations again! What a fabulous story :) Malachi is such a big boy!!!!

Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful :D

Domrese Family Blog said...

Love it!

Jennspiration said...

Zeke looks so happy to be holding his baby brother! They are going to have so much fun together! Keep updating us.