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Although I have never minded describing myself as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM if you will), I will admit that it lacks a certain...consequence? It doesn't really sound like much, I guess is what I'm getting at. I am a mom, and I stay at home. Sounds a bit like laziness, really.

I personally prefer the term Homemaker, if I am thinking about it. My work is making a home. That sounds a little better.

I've heard people say they are Domestic Engineers. That always makes me giggle. It's cute.

But the other day I heard one that is really good. Really really good. From now on I am no longer a simple Stay At Home Mom. I am now officially my family's Director of Development.


Holly said...

I am going to try to be as delicate as I can and please take no offense to this. But, above all those terms for a SAHM I prefer stay at home mom because, as a mom who works, I feel like even though I do work I am still a homemaker and domestic engineer, I do "make" my home in every way I possibly can, I just don't have the same amount of time that SAHMs have. Just a little perspective from someone who works outside the home too.

I do aspire to be a SAHM mom or a Director of Development. Seriously, I would give anything to stay at home with my child as opposed to going to work and paying someone else to take care of my child for 8 hours. I do like that term (Director of Development) best of all though, it's clever but, I would have a hard time telling someone that is what I did without laughing too.

Hope you are doing well, or well enough at this point! I can't wait to read your post saying Blueberry has made his or her grand entrance into the world!

Grandma Jane said...

I love it....Director of Development! One might think this is a little funny but there isn't one funny thing about being the director of your child or children's development. Only a Mom and Dad can have such an impact. If you love your DOD job then your children will feel it day in and day out. If your unhappy about not working outside of the home your children will also pick that up. It's a fine line for those mother's that do have to bring in some money outside of the home. But, if you can stay home and love it you have your children's future to develop, what could be more important than that? Nothing, I say, absolutely nothing.
Time to get off my soapbox.

Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma said...

I'll have to remember that one! I work on the weekends but I am a SAHM during the week - I mean my Family's Director of Development, lol!

Rachel said...

To me, SAHM was always different from a homemaker. A homemaker's primary focus is on the house ... keeping it clean, doing the meals, etc... whereas a SAHM's primary focus is on the kids and it often means that the house gets neglected. But, Director of Development? That's just awesome. :-)

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

I love staying at home with my kiddo! I love the new term you came up with! It is annoying how we sometimes feel the need to defend our reasons for staying at home. I think women should defend their reasons for going to work and not spending more time with their kids! (Obviously monetary, but sometimes it's just not as important as being there with your kiddos all day.)

Anonymous said...

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