Allow me to brag a bit

Zeke just impressed the heck out of me yesterday and I cant help but be a bit of a brag, so sorry but... We were reading his current favorite book "Things That Go" and he pointed to and correctly named the car, the truck, the train, the digger (is that what they are actually called?), AND the bicycle. Now, to be honest bicycle came out "bubada" which sounds nothing like bicycle but the other words were so clear that I'm gonna give him that one.

I was soo very excited because even though he brings me books to read all the time he rarely sits all the way thru them and I never thought he payed any attention. 'Things That Go", "15 Animals" (aka the dreaded Bob book) and "Bedtime Peekaboo" are the only ones he regularly will listen to without losing interest. He has about a hundred books and those 3 have been the only ones he will pay attention to for oh...forever.

And THEN not only that but today he pointed to a car and a truck respectively in the parking lot and named them!!

I am VERY excited.

I'm also excited because I finally took that promised picture of my belly this morning and Josh is right, tummy bigger than breasts:
I think this is the first picture that I actually look like I'm definitely, no more question about it, pregnant. At 8 weeks I was still svelt (if I do say so myself...and I do, I'm that kind of person sometimes). At 14 weeks I thought I was showing but no one else agreed. At 20 weeks I was at the oh so hated everyone-is-pretty-sure-your-pregnant-but-afraid-to-say-anything-cuz-you-might-just-be-getting-fatter stage.

At last folks can confidently congratulate me on the street. There is no more doubting that there is a baby in there.

And just for fun:
Ezekiel isnt quite sure how to word what he's wanting to say on HIS blog... ;)


Equidae said...

congrats to your little man :) mine is just about to start and babble!

Jennspiration said...

Awe! You look so cute!! It seems like it's going fast!!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

That would be so fun to see them learning new things. Go ahead and brag away!