WFDW- Chicken Pot Pie

We did a lot of yard work this weekend, and there is pretty much nothing that does a body better after a full day of heavy lifting in the fall air (not to mention a pregnant body doing all that heavy lifting...I'm still slightly sore) than a warm, healthful, filling meal afterward.

Chicken Pot Pie definitely fills those requirements...and its low maintenance enough a meal that I didn't mind making it, even after such a long day.

So, with no further ado:

Your first step is to saute some onion and about half a stick of butter.

Add about a 1/4 cup of flour and stir it until it's all bubbly. Then slowly pour in some chicken broth. Keep stirring, making sure you don't have flour chunks in there, until its nice and smooth and thick.

Then you add your veggies. I always use a mix of frozen and fresh, depending on what I have available in the house. And don't forget to add the chicken as well (I nearly did, lol). You can also add salt, pepper, and sage if you like.

As soon as that has simmered enough to cook your veggies and chicken you can add about a cup cream (or milk) and lay your pie crust on top, complete with slits to vent the steam. I used the store-bought pre-made stuff (Remember all that yard work I'd already done that day? Also, pie crust is my kryptonite.)

Now, I used a cast iron pan all this time. It's oven proof so I can just lay my crust right on top and then transfer to the oven. I think this is by far the easiest way to do it. If you dont have an oven proof pan, however (and I'm sorry because they are sooo nice), or you want a more traditional pot-pie with a top and bottom crust you can prepare a pie pan with crust, pour in the chicken mixture, and then top it with another crust.

Also, my crust always sinks into the liquid, forming those pools. It's ugly but I like my pot pie really soupy so I can drink up all that delicious broth when I'm done. If you use less broth you wont have that problem, however, you just also wont be able to drink up delicious broth.

20 minutes later in a 375 oven adn you are ready to eat!

PS, I've also topped this (after one of my many pie crust creating failures) with mashed potatoes. Exact same steps (oven time and all) and it was really really good.


Jennspiration said...

YUM-O! I'm coming over next time you make that!

Trish the dish said...

Mmm, I love pot pie! Such a comfort food! But only when homemade, of course! Oh, and're about to get a blog award from me!