A baby shower

Despite what Josh and Ezekiel may tell you, the big event of this past weekend was a baby shower I hosted, NOT the ribs we had for dinner the next day. Boys!

Kaitie is one of my best friends and going to have her baby (baby number4 to be exact) in...oh...T minus 14 days I believe. I had numerous panic attacks about her going into labor, among other things. Doesnt she look good, though?

Her friend, Elizabeth (who is also due very soon) was kind enough to offer up her church building. Which was a HUGE blessing to me because I was almost 100% confident the 30+ invite list would NOT fit into my house if they happened to all be available. Which you know they would if we had to do it in my house.

Which just left me in charge of decorations, a cupcake buffet,
punch,a fruit platter,
and games.
Kim (my partner in most crimes) was kind enough to put herself in charge of the rest of the breakfast food, the coffee, and making the prettiest diaper cake I think I've ever seen.

The cupcakes were eaten.
The games were played. "Cute" was said the required 5,000 times.
All was a sucess and I went home and directly fell asleep on the couch, forcing my husband to sneak our son away to the park so he wouldnt wake me.

And now poor Kim, as the only non-pregnant person left in our little circle, has to start planning MY shower. :)


Kim said...

Ummmm...so I just did the exact same post! lol. Same title and everything! Hee Hee! Great minds!

Kait T said...

It was a lovely shower. Practically perfect in everyway. And I'm planning on hosting your shower to regardless if I have to run Kim over with a car first. I"M HELPING TOO!

Anonymous said...

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