WFDW- Baked Potato Soup

Be warned right now, from the get-go, that this may very well be the most fattening thing in the universe. We are talking cream, butter, bacon, basically every kind of fat you can imagine and its all in one dish. But its soo delicious and filling and warm. The perfect meal for a cold and kind of cranky day.

The first step is to get that bacon cooking. You want it crispy enough to crumble. Then saute some onion in the bacon grease until they are carmelized (aka nice and brown). You wont need to use ALL of the grease, just enough to keep your onions from sticking.

While you are doing all of that, go ahead and peel and cube some potatoes. Maybe 5. Boil them with some salt.

Mash up 2/3 of the potatoes with a full stick of butter and 2 cans of cream of celery soup. Add to that the remaining potatoes, a cup of sour cream, the crumbled bacon, the caramelized onions, salt and pepper, and some chives (basically everything that goes on a great baked potato). Stir it up and then add cream (or milk) until you've reached a consistency that you like. Rewarm and serve.

I had mine with an ungodly amount of saltines on top. Josh topped his with cheddar cheese. Zeke had a small bowl of both, and then a 3rd bowl plain.


Tooj said...

How strange to come across this post today! I was JUST thinking of making my potato soup recipe tonight. :) Mine is ungodly rich and yummy. I top it with bacon bits and cheese. Okay, I'm salivating. I need to go.

Trish the dish said...

I had this once before and it was ohhh so good! I'd eat it everyday if I wasn't so lactose intolerant and not much into bacon. It's definitely a great one to turn to as a comfort food though!

A-trox said...

that's going to be dinner tomorrow night. sounds perfect for the weather!